A Brief History:

Ezylok Australia is major provider of Small Parts Storage and Heavy Duty Industrial equipment. Our experience has seen our company evolve from a small family owned business which commenced in the 90’s focussed on the supply and distribution of small parts storage equipment to become a major provider to large National Distributors throughout the Australasian market.

Ezylok Australia is highly regarded and recognised for the supply of Heavy Duty Industrial Cupboards, Workbenches, Plastics, Crates, Mobile Workbenches, Mobile Workstations, Trolleys, Longspan Shelving and Office Furniture.  All Ezylok branded products are manufactured in Australia and our brand is now found in many well-known and respected businesses throughout Australasia.

Our Caringbah office is our Head Office and is also our sheet metal manufacturing facility producing locally manufactured storage equipment. The majority of our finished product is held at our Caringbah Warehouse where it is distributed nationally to our extensive distributor network.


Ezylok Australia prides itself on servicing, supporting and building its relationships with its National Distributor Network ensuring that the network is supported through consistency, loyalty and competitive pricing structures. Ezylok Australia understands the impact of the global market and the influence of imported products, but still remains the preferred supplier to our distributors due to its capacity to service and supply products of high quality, realistic lead times which cannot be beaten by overseas importers, and competitive prices which in turn keep our distributors competitive in an ever challenging market.

What Differentiates Ezylok Australia from the rest?

Ezylok Australia is still based on a family business attitude placing the client above all else in providing the solution to their needs.  Our manufacturing, roll-forming and distribution experience is state of the art with over 100 years of combined expertise across our management and sales team.

“Collaboration and Co-operation will beat the Competition every time”


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Ezylok Australia