Free Standing Rack Economy Double Louvred Panel with Plastics

The FSR (Free standing rack) Economy model is double sided rack which has a Louvred Panels on both sides.  The Economy model stands on steel gussets. Frame and Louvred Panels are powder coated in APO Grey.

The FSR Economy Double Louvred Panels and Plastics has; 6 x Size 3Z, 16 x Size 4, 36 x Size 5 and 24 x Size 6 Ezylok Plastics.


    • Model Number: 511032
    • Depth mm: 312
    • Height mm: 1450
    • Width mm: 670
    • Loured Panel LP5
    • Price: $$622.99


    • Storage solution to hold Ezylok plastic containers
    • Easy picking access
    • Visual Stock Control
    • Made from heavy duty steel
    • Powder coated APO Grey