Free Standing Rack fsr4/2 double Louvred Panel with Plastics

The FSR (Free standing rack) 4/2 model is a double sided rack with Louvred Panels on both sides.  The FSR4/2 model stands on steel gussets. Frame and Louvred Panels are powder coated in APO Grey.

The FSR4/2 Double Louvred Panel with Plastics has; 8 x Size 3Z, 18 x Size 4, 32 x Size 5 and 16 x Size 6 Ezylok Plastics.


    • Model Number: 510972
    • Depth mm: 610
    • Height mm: 1895
    • Width mm: 515
    • Loured Panel LP4
    • Price: $754.99


    • Storage solution to hold Ezylok plastic containers
    • Easy picking access
    • Visual Stock Control
    • Made from heavy duty steel
    • Powder coated APO Grey