louvred panel lp5

  • Model Number: 511510
  • Length mm: 1245
  • Width mm: 630
  • Price: $116.99


  • Storage solution to hold plastic containers
  • Utilise unused wall space or free congested floor space
  • Easy picking access
  • Visual Stock Control
  • Made from heavy duty steel
  • Five various sizes
  • Powder coated APO Grey

Louvred panels can be purchased as kits with plastic bins included or individually.


LP5 louvred panel including size 4 plastic bins

Kit includes

Available colours

Part Number Colour
511513B Blue
511513G Green
511513R Red
511513Y Yellow

lp5 louvred panel including size 5 plastic bins

kit includes

Available colours

Part Number Colour
511514B Blue
511514G Green
511514R Red
511514Y Yellow

Custom kits are available on request for more information contact us