Ezylok Plastic Bin Range


The Ezylok Plastic Bin Range is designed for versatile and efficient high-density storage.

This extensive range of semi open-front small parts storage bins is moulded from virgin grade high density polypropylene. They are extremely strong and durable, have no sharp corners, won’t rust, UV resistant, very easy to clean, and impervious to most industrial oils and acids. Ezylok plastic bins are suitable for the health and hospitality industries as the bins are manufactured from industrial strength food grade HDPE.

Lamson bin.jpg


  • Heavy duty industrial grade, plastic storage containers
  • Lightweight with great strength and durability
  • Stackable
  • Locates securely
  • Very strong compared to other brands
  • Semi open front for easy picking access
  • Greater visual stock control 
  • Won’t rust, dent, chip or break
  • Available in four bright colours (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow) simplify coding, sorting and identification
  • Option to divide full size bins with dividers


  • Suitable for use in warehouses, workshops, hospitals and field service applications
  • Suitable for food processing applications. Can be sterilised by steam or autoclaving.


Size 2 Green.jpg

Size 2 plastic bins

200mm x 310mm x 500mm


Size 3z plastic bins

150mm x 210mm x 350mm


Size 3zd plastic bins

150mm x 465mm x 350mm


size 4 plastic bins

125mm x 150mm x 230mm


size 5 plastic bins

80mm x 100mm x 165mm


size 6 plastic bins

55mm x 100mm x 95mm


size rk321 plastic bins

100mm x 150mm x 100mm